A robust, differentiated curriculum exists at VHTPA. Our goal is to educate all students and prepare them for their future by offering excellent curriculum and a variety of class options. Such class options are honors courses, AP classes, and college classes at our partner school Harbor College. All classes are composed of at least 15 gifted students (clustered) as per LAUSD policy. Our staff designs and implements differentiated curriculum that is responsive to our students, specifically targeting their learning styles and interests. Such techniques used in all classrooms are Depth of Knowledge questioning, Bloom's Taxonomy, flexible grouping, project based learning, Question Formulation Technique, and Pre and Post Assessments. With the implementation of these appropriate structures, our GATE students succeed. As witnessed by our SBAC data, all our GATE students met/exceeded the state standards for both ELA and Math. We also have some of the highest scores overall in both subjects. We offer GATE wall to wall instruction to meet the needs of our students.
Dr. Richard A. Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy (VHTPA) continues to screen and identify gifted students using a process that is equitable, comprehensive and ongoing. Through professional development and staff email communication, staff members are educated on the seven areas of gifted classification. A staff referral form is distributed to the faculty. Staff refer potential gifted students to the gifted coordinator, Ms. Amber Willis. With the GATE Screening Committee, the student is assessed for gifted/SAS status. The GATE Screening Committee is composed of our principal, Ms. Desiree Montoya, our gifted coordinator, Ms. Amber Willis, our school psychologist, Ms. Gonzalez, and our school counselors, Ms. Philice McElroy and Dr. Joy Yoneda. It is evident from the Gifted Data on MyData that we exceed the 6% identification goal in both school-wide and ethnic categories. And, the gifted identification proportionately reflects the demographics of the school.
Please email Ms. Amber Willis at [email protected] if you would like to refer your child for GATE testing or you have any questions about the GATE program.