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LAHC - Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment - College Class Registration 

Contract Ed Courses

Non-Contract Ed Courses

Summer 2024 Contract Ed Courses:
  • HEALTH 011: Principles of Healthful Living
  • SOC 001: Intro to Sociology
  • POLI SCI 001: Gov. of the U.S (12th GRADE ONLY)
Fall 2024 Contract Ed Courses:
  • KIN 245-1: Body Dynamics
  • MUSIC 650: Beginning Guitar
  • PHYSICS 011: Intro to Physics*
  • MATH 227S: Stats with Support*
Spring 2025 Contract Ed Courses:
  • KIN 245-1: Body Dynamics
  • MUSIC 111: Music Appreciation
  • ANTHRO 101:*
  • AFRO AM 004:*
Based on the LAHC Education Plan, review the course options for the upcoming semesters.

Pick up a PHYSICAL K-12 form from the main office and return to:

High School Designee:
Aimee Ross [email protected]
Fill out the ONLINE Non-Contract Ed Dynamic Form with your LAHC information, high school designee, and parent information.

High School Designee:
Sergio Magadan [email protected]
LAHC College Counselors for Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy
Vanessa Cruz & Savannah Gonzalez
Annual meeting with LAHC Counselors is required prior to approval of courses by the high school.
Contact Information:
Vanessa Cruz - [email protected]
Savannah Gonzalez - [email protected]
LAHC Adjunct Counselors - VHTPA 

College Registration Workshop - New Students

Information regarding Enrolling in LA Harbor College
Please follow the PowerPoint directions and video regarding how to enroll at LA Harbor College. It is very important that you answer the questions as they are specified on the PowerPoint to properly enroll at LA Harbor College. - Application Guide - Click Below ​