Monarch Pride » 2023 to 2024 Student of the Month

2023 to 2024 Student of the Month

Each month of the school year for Monarch Pride, Vladovic HTPA will select a “Student of the Month.” One student will be selected from each grade level.
Student nomination should be based on the following criteria:
  • Student’s positive influence on the Vladovic HTPA student body through exemplary qualities of character, citizenship, service and leadership.
  • Student’s involvement in extracurricular activities.

February 2024

Amielle Niere - Freshman

Amielle’s caring nature is evident as she shows kindness, respect and concern for others. She goes out of her way to make others feel heard, comfortable and appreciated both in and of the classroom.

Sophia Marti - Sophomore

Sophia is caring, thoughtful and empathetic. She makes sure everyone’s needs are met before herself. When seeing Sophia, one can’t help but observe her love for learning, healthy food and creating a harmonious environment.

Ryan Choo - Junior

Ryan is a caring student who exemplifies a giving heart by going out of his way to ensure others are heard and appreciated. He is invested in making sure that everyone is at their best. In class, he is pleasant, kind and a hard worker.

Kyra Enari - Senior

One of the most caring students on campus, Kyra’s sweet smile and infectious personality will make anyone feel better. Polite, generous, patient and understanding, Kyra embodies a true CARING Monarch!

January 2024

Rebecca Sutjungdro - Freshman
Rebecca is a very responsible student. She makes sure all her classmates, teachers and staff are doing well. Every day she arrives to school with a positive attitude and is ready to learn. Congratulations Rebecca!
Samuel Miramontes - Sophomore
Highly motivated Samuel is a responsible student at VHTPA. He is consistent with his studies by making sure his assignments are completed attending to his extracurricular activities. Way to go Samuel for making the right choices every day.
Viviana Perez Castro - Junior
Viviana cares about her friends and the VHTPA community. She is a dependable and responsible student. She makes our campus and community a better place with her kindness, dependability and caring nature. Thanks Viviana!
Melissa Lopez - Senior
Melissa is always curious about the world around her making her a joy to have in the classroom. As a senior, she exhibit kindness and cares deeply for her school community.

November 2023

Lorenzo Garcia-Hernandez - Senior
Always smiling and positive, Lorenzo greets everyone with a cheerful "Hello". Lorenzo spreads good-will and kindness. He is a MONARCH that make the community a better place!
Samantha Sahagun - Junior
Samantha is very considerate of others. She radiates kindness, helpfulness and good citizenship on campus. In class, she leads the class with her great attitude and willingness to learn.
Maryam Zekry - Sophomore
Maryam is a kind and helpful individual. She has volunteered to help at various school activities. Empathetic toward animals as well as her classmates, Maryam works hard to mark the school environment a supportive place for everyone.
Daniel Lima - Freshman
Daniel is one of the first person to greet others and helps them feel welcome on campus. Whether it is a friendly "Hello" or a fist bump, Daniel brings a smile to others wherever he goes! He exemplifies great citizenship at VHTPA.

October 2023


 James Nguyen - Senior
James cares about other students. His contributions to our School Safety/Positive Behavior Intervention meetings truly represent students’ voice. He is a team player who cooperates with students and staff. He makes others feel comfortable and relaxed. On campus, he always has a smile on his face as well as being respectful, polite, and kind.
 Helen Ortiz - Junior
Helen’s positive and fair-minded attitude is evident in all her classes. She cares about everyone and makes sure everyone’s voice is heard equally during group discussions. Super-sweet, warm-hearted, and willing to help, Helen is an asset to our school.
 Mario (Gio) Miranda - Sophomore
Gio exhibited consideration of his peers. He has expressed that being grouped with a particular table group allowed him to make better connections and friendships. Gio recognizes the value of others, especially those that he would not normally socialize and connect with. He truly exemplifies fairness!
 Kingston Mahi - Freshman
Kingston is a very supportive of everyone. He exhibits fairness everyday with his kind nature and upbeat personality. In class, he motivates his classmates and loves participating in discussions.

September 2023

 Maria de Jesus Quintana Rodriguez - Senior
Maria is a caring individual who is diligent with her work. She comes to class with a smile and demonstrates a positive personality to her peers.
 Ethan Paison - Junior
Ethan is a pleasure to have in class. His bright positive presence is a good influence to his peers. Ethan does not hesitate to lend a hand while also displaying his positive attitude.
 Ogbu Okpan - Sophomore
Ogbu is a thoughtful, generous, and kind soul. He is a joy to have in the classroom where he demonstrates kindness by lifting others up and never judging others.
 Candice Gutierrez - Freshman
Candice is a thoughtful student who does not hesitate to help her peers in class. She also displays artistry through her work. Way to go Candice!

April 2023

 Melanie Reyes - Senior
Melanie is resourceful, creative and friendly. She can be found on campus being a great friend or assisting teachers with a helping hand. We are so proud to have Melanie as part of our student body!
 Vanessa Castro - Junior
Vanessa is a true athlete and scholar! She easily juggles her athletics with her schoolwork. In class, her hard and perseverance is evident. Continue to shine Vanessa!
 Joshua Lumbab - Sophomore
Joshua spreads his happiness, positivity, and fun sense of humor everywhere he goes! In addition, he is a hard worker and enjoys learning in all his classes. Joshua embodies all the characteristics of a true Monarch.
 Goretti Saldana - Freshman
Goretti spreads positivity to our campus every day. In class, she contributes to class discussions and works hard on her projects and assignments.

March 2023

 Senior - Student of the Month - Yaneli Munoz
Yaneli's positive influence is founded on her service to her community. Helpful and resourceful, she is willing to the extra mile to be useful to her fellow classmates, faculty and staff members. We are fortunate to have Yaneli be a part of our VHTPA community.
 Junior - Student of the Month - Vien Tran
With his positive nature, love for learning and generous personality, Vien is a true Monarch. In addition to being a top student, Vien dedicates his time to support the Monarch Music Club and Red Cross Blood Drive. He is always striving to improve his school and community.
 Sophomore - Student of the Month - Ingozianchukwu Arisa
Ingozianchukwu is a joyous Monarch. She enjoys learning and is a natural leader. Her attributes of kindness, perseverance and intelligence make her a standout at VHTPA.
 Freshman - Student of the Month - Nisreen Bardan
Nisreen is a hard worker who displays a genuine and consistent effort to contribute to the classroom. She is an insightful and well-articulated student whose contributions are appreciated at VHTPA.

January 2023

 Freshman - Student of the Month - Monserrat Sanchez
9th Grader - Monserrat Sanchez
Monserrat is a scholar-athlete. She communicates with her teachers in person and via email to ensure she has kept up with all work for the week. Monserrat is respectful, kind, helpful, and motivated to learn. She is a positive-minded student in ALL her classes.
 Sophomore - Student of the Month - Isabella Castillo
10th Grader - Isabella Castillo
Isabella is an outstanding student and a positive role model for her peers. She maintains a positive outlook on life and is a kind and compassionate person. As a school leader, she is the president of NAMI, an organization that supports the mental health and well-being of others.
 Junior - Student of the Month - Evanny Sanchez Dominguez
11th Grader - Evanny Sanchez Dominguez
Evanny always comes on campus with a smile on her face and is eager to learn. Her positive energy is infectious! She loves connecting real-world concepts to our classroom curriculum. Her curiosity and input in class are a true joy to have in class.
 Senior - Student of the Month - Phillip Ely
12th Grader - Phillip Ely
Phillip is a role model on campus. In addition to his positive nature, he is a true LEADER, especially as a three-year veteran of AcaDeca and the president of the Monarch Music Club. We are proud to have Phillip as a Monarch!