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Club Rush

2020 to 2021 VHTPA Clubs

Name Of Club

Anime Club     Angel Ortega  Sacks [email protected]
ASB Tuesday (EO) 2:15 Jefferson Garcia  Cooper [email protected] 
Beautification Club Tuesday 3:00 Miejl Mendoza Sacks [email protected]
BSU Tuesday 3:15 Mya Andrews McElroy [email protected]
Chess Club Thursday 2:15 Kaisei Hirano Kol [email protected]
Christian Club Thursday   Alisella Hernandez  Groven [email protected]
CSF Tuesday (EO) 12:30 Jacqueline Yang Willis  [email protected]
CyberPatriot Wednesday 3:00 Joon Hwang Branch [email protected]
Debate Wednesday 3:00 Andrew Lena Yoneda [email protected]
Disability Club Wednesday 2:10 jennifer Soto Nguyen [email protected]
Esport Friday  2:30 Daniel Peralta Kol  
Filipino Club Thursday 3:00 Rick Unite Kol [email protected]
Filmmaking & Digital Arts Club Thursday  4:00 Devin Huynh Azizi  [email protected]
Funding the Future Club Thursday (E0) 2:15 Jefferson Garcia  Shephard [email protected]
Glee Club Friday 3:00 Jasmine Biri Sato [email protected]
GSA Monday 12:30 Angelica Castaneda  Branch [email protected]
HOSA Thursday 2:15 Sofia Vargas Nguyen [email protected]
Key Club Tuesday 2:15 Thu Nguyen L Smith [email protected]
La Lucha Friday 2:30 Dulce M. Ordonez Serna [email protected]
MCNC Monday Lunch Daniel A. Bonilla Sacks [email protected]
Mesa  Thursday Lunch Daniel A. Bonilla Izogie  [email protected]
Peer Mediation Friday 2:15 Emely Hinojosa Shephard [email protected]
Political Discourse     Adreana Castro Groven [email protected]
Recyling Club Fruiday (EO) 12:30 Angelic Castenada  Sato [email protected]
Robotics Wednesday (EO) 2:15 Diego Castillo Kol [email protected]
Rotery Club Thursday EO 2:30 Angelica Castenda Shephard [email protected]
Science and Ambassador Wednesday 2:30 Cyron Mandia Willis  [email protected]
Social justice Wednesday 2:00 Ashlee Bartolome Willis  [email protected]
South Asian Club Friday 2:15 Nadira Ahmed Sacks [email protected]
UNICF Tuesday 2:15 Jacqueline Yang Kol [email protected]
Volley ball Monday  2:30 Mya Andrews Sato [email protected]
W.e.F.i.T. Monday 3:00 Amaris Guevara Sato a